May 21, 2024

10 Most Common Pro-Hamas Lies About Israel

Scan information accounts of anti-Israel campus and avenue protesters. Read their calls for and manifestos. Collate the confusion from the Biden administration after Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorism in Israel.

Here are 10 of their most typical untruths about Oct. 7 and the Israel-Hamas struggle that adopted.

‘Progressive Hamas’

Gay and transgender pupil protesters in America could be in mortal hazard in Gaza underneath a fascistic Hamas, a terrorist group that has banned gay acts and existence. Anyone protesting publicly towards Hamas or its allies could be arrested and severely punished.

Women are segregated in most Hamas-run academic establishments. Under the Hamas constitution, ladies are valued principally as child-bearers. By design, there are nearly no ladies in excessive positions in enterprise or in authorities underneath Hamas.

‘Colonists and Settlers’

Students scream that Israelis are “settlers” and “colonists” and generally yell at Jewish college students to “go back to Poland.”

But the Jewish presence in present-day Israel is deeply rooted in historical custom. Dating again a minimum of three millennia, the idea of “Israel” as a definite Jewish state, located roughly in its present location, is ingrained in historical past.

By distinction, the a lot later Arab invasions of the Byzantine-controlled Levant and their arrival in Palestine occurred about 1,800 years after the institution of a Jewish Israel.

‘Two-State Solution’

When pupil protesters scream “From the river to the sea,” that’s not advocacy for a two-state resolution.

It is a name to remove the state of Israel—mendacity between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea—and its 10 million Jewish and Arab residents. The Hamas constitution is a one-state/no-Israel agenda, which we noticed tried on Oct. 7.

‘Occupied Gaza’

The Gaza Strip, adjoining Israel, was autonomous. The Israeli border is closed, however so is the Egyptian border. There haven’t been any Jews in Gaza for almost 20 years.

So on Oct. 7, Gaza was not occupied by Israel. It was underneath the management of Hamas, designated by the U.S. authorities as a terrorist group.

After being elected to energy in 2006, Hamas canceled all subsequent elections and dominated as a dictatorship. Gaza forbids Jews from getting into Gaza and has pushed out most Christians.

Israel hosts 2 million Arabs, each as Israeli residents and residents.

‘Netanyahu Is the Problem’

The U.S. and Europe declare that the conservative authorities of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is alone behind Israel’s powerful response in Gaza to the Oct. 7 assaults. Thus, each the EU and the U.S. are doing their finest to undermine and even overthrow the elected Netanyahu administration.

Yet, most Israelis support Netanyahu’s coalition authorities’s agenda of destroying Hamas in Gaza.

There is not any proof that another different Israeli authorities would do something otherwise from the current insurance policies towards Hamas.

‘Targeting Civilians’

After murdering almost 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, Hamas scurried again to Gaza and hid in tunnels and bases beneath hospitals, colleges, and mosques.

Its preplanned technique was to outlive by guaranteeing Gaza civilians could be killed. Hamas has indiscriminately launched greater than 7,000 rockets at Israel, all designed to kill Jewish civilians.

Outside assessors have concluded that Israel has not inadvertently killed a larger ratio of civilians to terrorists in comparison with most different city combating conflicts elsewhere, and maybe even fewer than American engagements in Mosul and Fallujah.

‘Protesters Are Pro-Palestine’

Increasingly, protesters make no distinction between supporting “Palestine” and Hamas.

Their chants usually echo the unique Hamas eliminationist constitution and up to date genocidal ravings of its management.

Some protesters put on Hamas logos and wave the terrorist group’s flag. Many cheered the Hamas bloodbath of Oct. 7.

‘Anti-Israel Is Not Antisemitic’

When protesters scream to Jewish college students to “go back to Poland” or name for the “Final Solution,” or assault them or bar them from campus services, they don’t ask the Jewish college students whether or not they’re pro-Israel.

For protesters, anybody identifiable as Jewish turns into a goal of their antisemitic invective and violence.


Israel has not tried to wipe out the Palestinian individuals within the trend of Hamas’ one-state resolution plan for Jews.

Before Oct. 7, some 20,000 Gazans a day requested to work in Israel—on the proper expectation of a lot greater wages and humane therapy.

If Hamas had come out of its tunnels, separated from its impressed civilian shields, launched its surviving Israeli hostages, and both overtly fought the Israel Defense Forces or surrendered the organizers of the Oct. 7 bloodbath, no Gaza civilians would have died.

According to Hamas’ questionable “genocide” figures, roughly 4% of the Gazan inhabitants died through the Israeli navy response to Oct. 7. At least a 3rd to nearly half of these deaths, in response to varied worldwide observers, had been Hamas terrorists.

‘Disproportionate Response’

Iran tried to ship 320 missiles and rockets into Israel. Israel replied with three.

Hamas launched 7,000 rockets into Israel and slaughtered 1,200 Israelis earlier than the Israel Defense Forces responded in Gaza, usually dropping leaflets and sending texts to forewarn residents.

Israel has been disproportionate solely within the effectiveness of its response. Hamas and its Iranian benefactor supposed disproportionately to harm Israel, however totally failed.

So Israel proved to be competent and Hamas incompetent of their comparable efforts to make use of disproportionate drive.

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