February 26, 2024

$185.6 million was legally bet in Nevada on the Super Bowl

For this year’s activity, Nevada legal playing on the Super Bowl reached an all-time great.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada sporting books accepted$ 185. 6 million in wagers. Unexpectedly for the first Super Bowl played in Nevada, that is the most money actually bet on the game there.

Nevada activities books continue to make money despite opposition from the rise of legal sports betting across the nation. On the game, bettors lost$ 6. 8 million.

According to senior financial analyst Michael Lawton of the Nevada Gaming Control Board,” The Super Bowl bet delivered an all-time document and definitely met our anticipation. ” The game featuring a West Coast staff from the No. 1 team was one of the factors that contributed to this year’s totals. The defending champions, the two feed markets for Las Vegas, and, of course, Allegiant Stadium, where the game is being played, are all present.

In Nevada, there were five wagers totaling$ 1 million or more: two winning bets on the Chiefs and three losers.