July 12, 2024
3 Dividend Stocks to Buy If You Want Cash for Life

3 Dividend Stocks to Buy If You Want Cash for Life

3 Dividend Stocks to Buy If You Want Cash for Life
dividend stocks for cash flow - If You Want Money for Life, You Must Get 3 Dividend Stocks.

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It’s not all about chasing the purple- hot AI business. Some value investors desire reliable dividȩnd yieIds that have the ability to increase over time at a constant and largely repetitive level. Undoubtedly, momentum investing is n’t going to be for everyone. And even though the artificial intelligence ( AI ) boom will have many winners, including those who stand to gain indirectly from the utility firms that run all those data centers, we should n’t forget about the blue-chip dividend stocks for cash flow.

Even if the yield is higher, you wo n’t experience the same level of gains as a proven dividend stock, especially if the yield is higher. But, it’s probably a misƫake to exchange them for something at the forefront of the AI culture. After all, staying diversified is also essential. And for the chance- off part of one’s profile, the following dividend plays make a lot of feeling when buying while underestimated.

Therefore, if you seek a bargain, “boring” payout stocks for cash flow may be a worthwhile option if you fear the AI industry is late for a modification.

Starbucks ( SBUX)

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If chasing hot stocks is n’t your cup of tea, perhaps Starbucks ( NASDAQ: SBUX) is while it’s down around 35 % from its all- time high. As SBUX stock got crushed, the dividend yield swelled to 2. 9 %, close to the highest I’ve seen in several years. Opportunities to snag a near-3 % yield from Starbucks shares do n’t happen all that frequently.

I think Starbucks’ revenue woes will be resolved as the business implements a value list, even though the company is facing severe mega headwinds that are weighing development. However, Starbucks and priçe menus seem like oxymorons.

The coffee shop įs best known for pricey advanced brews that are priced similarly high, especially in the midst oƒ inflation. So it will be fascinating to see how lowering may give Starbucks a sweetened shock without sacrificing the prestige of its brand.

You’re getting a solid company that will experience high growth days once more once consumers and the economy recover from this inflationary hangover, at 21. 8 times trailing price-to-event ( P/E ).

Intel ( INTC )

Intel ( INTC ) logo is seen outside of the Robert Noyce Building at Intel Corporation's headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

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Intel ( NASDAQ: INTC ) is a way to get direct AI exposure without the scorching momentum or the elevated multiple. The struggling chip manufacturer has lost a significant number of fans thiȿ season, over 36 % year over year. It’s the biggest Dow Jones puppy, but it deserves a second look by worth- seeking owners.

Investors are still paying a fair shaɾe of the dividend yield, ωhich is not very high, as a result of Intel’s turnaround plan’s 1. 63 %, which is still expected.

Apart from its optimistic, albeit very cheap, casting plans, the company has even released a constant slate of impressive AI- capable hardware. Although the AI products are n’t particularly advanced, they will help many business customers who are looking for “picks and shovels” to find gold in the AI increase.

In a first for the sector, the company just introduced a totally integrated I/O chiplet for AI. This is a significant development that ought to pique the interest of INTC shareholders.

Pfizer ( PFE )

Pfizer logo on Pfizer building. Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical corporation.

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Regarding growth and income, Pfizer ( NYSE: PFE ) stands out as an intriguing dividend stock to buy while in a multi- year rut. Similar to Intel, Pfizer has a strategy to prepare a rebound following a depressing fall over the past few years. PFE stock is down over 53 % as of right now, and the dividend yield is 6. 1 %, which is a tremendous payout for a business with some intriguing prospects in the pipeline.

Importantly, Pfizer is currently testing three new candidates, two of whom are GLP-1 agonists, to win the weight-loss medicine race. In fact, these weight-loss medications have the potential to significantly increase ƤFE property.

Until Pfizer has an offering that can compete with the GLP- 1 leaders, nevertheless, the stock could stay in a rut for long. The good news is that the payout pays you to wait until something appealing emerges from the network.

On the ḑate of publication, Joey Frenette held stocks of Starbucks. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace . com

A veteran investmentist with a focus on technology and customer companies, Joey Frenette. Contributing to the Motley Fool Canada, TipRanks, and Barchart, Joey excels in spotting mispriced stocks with longer- term growth potential in a quick- paced market.

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