April 23, 2024

4D Chess: Trump Makes Mar-A-Lago Worth $500 Million By Hanging Up 3 Hunter Biden Paintings

PALM BEACH, FL — Mar-a-Lago is now worth upwards of $500 million after former President Donald Trump announced he had hung up three paintings by renowned artist Hunter Biden.

Trump held a special unveiling party for supporters at Mar-a-Lago’s Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom. The three paintings shown were “Some Colors,” “Paint On Canvas,” and “Look, A Bird.”

“They tell me I overvalued this place but, if anything, I undervalued it,” Trump told supporters. “But now they can’t argue with me because I’ve got Hunter here. Everyone says ‘Where’s Hunter? Where is he?’ Well, he’s here, folks. We’ve got Hunter Biden here at Mar-a-Lago and it’s a beautiful thing.”

“They’re absolutely fantastic paintings, let me tell you. Definitely not a bunch of random colors thrown on a canvas to launder money.”

After the unveiling, the former president toured the property with a real estate appraiser. Sources confirm the tour was cut short when he became entranced by one of the Hunter Biden paintings.

“Beautiful,” Trump reportedly whispered. “So majestic.”

At publishing time, Donald Trump was sued for undervaluing the Mar-a-Lago estate.

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