May 17, 2024

Alec Baldwin Smacks Phone of Activist Demanding He Say ‘Free Palestine’

Hollywood’s left-wing star Alec Baldwin was caught on camera biting the phone of a hostile Israeli activist in a coffee shop in New York.

The actor gets increasingly irritated after a protester confronts him over the fatal shooting at Rust Street and asks him to say “free Palestine ” and “f—Israel” on camera.

Before asking a client to contact authorities as the comments continue, Aldwin, 66, rejected both expectations from the invasion examiner.

The rebel continues filming, at which point Baldwin says: “Can you do me one quick favour? ”

The actor was repeatedly shouted at by the protester, who told him: “Alec, can you please say ‘ Free Palestine ’ one time. ”

“’ Free Palestine, ’ Alec, just one time and I’ll leave you alone. I’ll leave you alone, I swear, just say ‘free Palestine ’ one time, ” she continued.

The girl moreover asked:“ Why did you kill that woman? You killed that woman and got no jail time, ” referring to the dangerous Rust set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

“F*** Israel, f*** Zionism, ” the woman can be heard saying.

He therefore smacks the smartphone out of the protester’s hand. Eventually, she later claimed in the trade that she was the innocent victim.

The woman is described as a “podcast host who is known for ambush interviews, ” according to The New York Post. ”

After being indicted by a great judge, Alec Baldwin has entered a not-guilty plea for involuntary manslaughter. The test is scheduled to start in July.

In 2018, a man claimed Baldwin assaulted him during a dispute over driving in front of the 30 Rock actor’s comfort room. Aldwin after sued him for libel after he insisted that the man had invented the story to extract him.

In a alleged incident in 2013, Baldwin allegedly grabbed blogger Tara Palmeri, who was then a New York Post writer, by the arm and reportedly yelled taunts at her. He allegedly said, “ I want you to choke to death. ”

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