April 16, 2024

‘America Is on a Very Dangerous Path’

America is on a “very dangerous path” below Democrat management, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) stated throughout an look on Breitbart News Daily, warning that Democrats aren’t concerned with securing the border and are greater than okay with permitting hundreds of thousands of unlawful aliens to flood the nation.

Johnson spoke about Sen. Bill Hagerty’s (R-TN) invoice that Democrats rejected, which might have stopped U.S. taxpayer {dollars} from flying unlawful immigrants into the United States.

“This was during the, you know, the passage of the last minibus, and Republicans put forth a number of — in two separate bills — we put forth a number of, I think, good amendments that would have denied funding for these agencies for again, funding the illegal immigration, funding sanctuary cities,” he defined.

“Hagerty, in the first round, had a really good amendment saying that illegal aliens could not be included in the census in terms of apportionment of additional congressional seats,” he stated, explaining that even when an unlawful alien shouldn’t be in a position to vote, it nonetheless impacts elections by way of the citizens, “boosting the numbers and having more House members, for example, more electoral votes go to generally blue districts,” he defined.

“So that’s got to be the game plan of the Democrats here is change the electorate. They want a one-party state,” he stated.


Despite cries for motion on the southern border, Democrats aren’t pivoting, which Johnson stated reveals “exactly how dedicated they are to the strategy.”

“Again, there’s no other explanation for it. They want to let in millions of people who are going to be highly appreciative of the Democrat Party for allowing them in, and they plan on really cashing those dividends year after year after year,” he stated.

“I appreciate that Elon Musk has really been using his platform and pointing out exactly what’s going to happen and also recognizing that if we don’t have a red wave, America is doomed. This ought to alarm every American, and any American who’s paying attention did recognize exactly what the Democrats’ game plan is and how destructive it is for America,” the senator continued.

When pressed on the phrase “doomed,” Johnson reiterated it was the wording Musk used, however he added, “I must say…America is on a very dangerous path.”

“And one of the countries we’re getting a lot of illegal immigrants from — and reports that they’re emptying out the jails and mental institutions — is Venezuela,” he stated.

“Venezuela was an oil-rich nation, successful South American country until Venezuelans voted themselves into poverty. They voted for Hugo Chavez, and that was the downfall of that country. So it can happen swiftly, and it is happening swiftly here in America,” he stated, pointing to the “dystopia that is America’s large cities.”

“The governor of New York had to call the National Guard to guard the subways. I mean, we see it, and we’re really becoming numb to it…We’re kind of like a frog in a pot of water. They’ve turned up the heat. And we’re at a very high simmer right now, and people got to recognize it and get out of that pot,” he added.

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