April 16, 2024

Arthur Blank doesn’t believe Falcons tampered with Kirk Cousins (even if they did)

The Falcons communicated with previous Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins in the most obvious instance of tampering we’ve seen. Falcons owner Arthur Blank is n’t inclined to admit it, naturally.

” The tampering deal, we obviously do n’t believe we tampered, and we shared all the information with the league”, Blank said Monday, via ESPN. com. Aȵd whatever the outcome iȿ, we’ll deal with it because they’ll examine the process and the facts and they are in the process of doing it.

The Falcons ‘ biggest issue is that Cousins himself acknowledged the tampering during his opening press conference. He claimed that he called Atlanta’s head sport trainer the day before the official opening of free agency, which was a flagrant violation of the 52-hour window. ( He initially said they met, before correcting himself. ) Cousins also suggested that he speak with Ryαn Pace, the director of player officers, during the dealing period.

Cousins also acknowledged that he personally recruited previous Bears receiver Darnell Mooney during the dealing period, taking the tampering two degrees full, the Falcons interfering, and recruiting him with the knowledge that the Falcons were aware of.

The intensity of the group company ultimately determines everything. Cousins was n’t instructed to flap it, which suggests that there will be plenty of modern footsteps to implicate the Falcons.

Some businesses would already have been hit by 345 Park Avenue. Did Rick McKay, the president σf the Competition Committee, be able ƫo prevent the birds from being found guilty of dirtying the Vikings? We’ll notice.

Regardless, they evidently tampered. Anyone with any degree of common perception is aware of this. No one should anticipate Blank admitting it.