April 17, 2024

As expected, Aaron Rodgers won’t be running for Vice President

It’s established. In 2024, Aaron Rodgers wo n’t be running for president on the side.

Nicole Shanahan did take the job, according to reports just a few days after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. , an independent presidential candidate, mentioned the Jets quarterback as a leading candidate for Kennedy’s running mate. On Tuesday, Kennedy named Shanahan as his V. Ƥ.

Rodgers still has n’t addressed the situation, other than to respond ( indirectly ) to CNN’s report that Rodgers has espoused Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. His assertion on X, nevertheless, did not refute the claim that he had told CNN’s Pamela Brown more than a decade ago that the mass shooting was a “government inside work. ” ( Some people have expressed doubts about the CNN report because it only surfaced a short while ago. ) The answer is obvious: Rodgers had n’t previously been a potential candidate for high political office. )

By the time he resumes speaking to reporters, the possible foray into a vastly different field may be stale. Did he make a witty remark and paint himself as a target ( as usual ) of negative coverage if he is asked about it ( so far, the supposedly hungry New York media has been lobbing underinflated beach balls in his manner )? After all, it was his chosen candidate who raised the issue, who was evidently trying to snag some free promotion for a plan with a snowball’s chance in an ayahuasca pot.