April 16, 2024

Behar Calls RFK Jr. A ‘Clown’ Who Could ‘Hand’ Election to Trump


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“The View” co-host Joy Behar took a tough stance towards Robert F. Kennedy Jr. this week, calling him a “threat” to President Joe Biden’s possibilities of profitable reelection and “very dangerous.”

Remarking that RFK Jr. was “very dangerous,” Behar’s section featured a clip from his interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett. Kennedy maintained that former President Donald Trump posed much less of a menace to democracy than President Biden.

Below is a transcript of the trade:

Goldberg: “No Label does not have a candidate in the 2024 race, but the third-party candidate people seem to be talking about right now is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Reportedly, you know, people are saying, oh, the Democrats are going — he’s going to take votes from Biden, and a lot of Republicans are pushing that narrative too, but I’m not sure that that’s so. But I’ll ask you all. What do you think of this third-party situation or possibility?”

FARAH GRIFFIN: “I simply need to say — ship love and nicely needs to the Lieberman household, who was someone I enormously admired in politics. I feel it seems like an finish of period of centrism and attempting to prioritize working throughout the aisle. It’s like we so usually demonize moderation on this present period, so he shall be missed. But on this third social gathering, RFK has to be taken critically, although I feel his beliefs are on the market. Some of them are very harmful, a number of the anti-vax sentiment. But he has cash, he’s organizing, he’s on the poll in plenty of key battleground states together with Nevada, two battleground states, however we all know this, we all know it from 2016, Jill Stein alone was sufficient to preserve Hillary Clinton from profitable in Michigan and adjusted the course of the election. I feel it’s an open query who he takes extra votes from. You see form of folks pointing fingers proper now. Trump world is saying he’s a left-wing liberal in order that right-wingers — “


BEHAR: “But he’s an anti-vaxxer.”

FARAH GRIFFIN: “Yes. But Democrats are also organizing and they have hired some smart operatives to start challenging him on the left. I think it’s very much an open question.”

HAINES: “Trump is attempting the reverse psychology of claiming, like, ‘I think it’s nice he’s operating.’ And do you keep in mind when Putin stated, ‘I really prefer a Biden presidency?’ You know, like, he’s flip-flopping on this, however I feel he would possibly enchantment extra to Trump — “

BEHAR: “You think so?”

HAINES: “Yeah. Because some of his takes, RFK Jr., I think strangely line up almost more with Donald Trump’s, and he’s kind of a personality figure that they like, and — I don’t know. I feel like that’s going to potentially hurt Trump more.”

BEHAR: “Someone has to ask him, why are you doing this? Why do you want to destroy the election and hand it to Trump if possible? I mean, he’s a Kennedy. His forefathers are rolling over in their graves. His own family is telling him — we already have one clown in the race. Do we need two of them?”

HAINES: “A lot of people, including myself, believe in time, there is space for a third party. So I tend to think the people that take this on aren’t coming at it like, ‘I’m going to ruin the election for everyone.’ I truly think they believe there is a lane to try to create something. I just don’t think it’s this election.”

BEHAR: “I feel many occasions delusion has destroyed a rustic, and that’s what we’re coping with right here with this. The polls are too shut. Even although you don’t imagine in them — “

Goldberg: “I don’t.”

BEHAR: “I know, Whoopi. But they’re very close.”

Goldberg: “Tat’s why I don’t believe in them.”

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BEHAR: “Even though now Biden is only slightly ahead of him, it’s only April now. People are starting to focus and realize the danger that Trump poses. I believe that. I’m not a religious person, but I’m making a novena. Thank you.”