June 14, 2024

Biden and I Did Bash Trump’s Tariffs, But China Doesn’t Play Fair

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNBC’s” Squawk Box”, Sen. Mark Warner ( D- VA ) responded to President Joe Biden’s prior criticism of the Trump China tariffs by stating that China does n’t follow market rules and saying that” I’m sure I probably took a shot”, at Trump’s tariffs at the time,” but we also realize that China is playing with a different set of rules”.

President Joe Biden’s censure of the Trump tariffs was raised by co-host Joe Kernen in 2019, when Biden claimed that “any rookie economics student may tell you that the American people are paying his taxes. ” The Target tellers inquired to Warner if he believes Biden’s taxes are the right decision because they “know more about finance than Trump” and asked them if they think they are correct.

Warner responded,” China does n’t operate on a]market ] basis”.

Kernen then asked,” Did you condemn Trump’s tariffs when hȩ put those on China”?

Warner answered,” I’m sure I probably took a chance, buƫ we also realize that China iȿ playing with a unique set of rules. Let’s see what the Germans do as well before China dumps this many affordable electric vehicles into Germany and the European market.

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