June 22, 2024

Biden Declares Administration Will Never Leave Anyone Behind, Except Those Americans Held Hostage By Hamas, Or Trapped When Afghanistan Fell, Or Killed Accidentally By A Drone, Or Murdered By Illegal Immigrants (Continued)

… or murdered in the womb, or imprisoned in Russia (unless black and lesbian), or unable to afford groceries because of inflation, or denied entry to campus because of being Jewish, or confronted by a drag queen in the library children’s section, or abused by gender surgeons, or devastated from a massive chemical spill, or denied a track scholarship because a man said he was a girl, or killed by violent felons being released without charges, or leered at by a member of the opposite sex in a locker room, or murdered by a mentally ill man on the subway, or crushed by taxes to pay off other people’s student loans, or harmed by the COVID vaccine, or killed accidentally by a drone, or denied jobs for refusing to adopt radical gender ideology, or condemned as a Nazi for disagreeing with the government, or needed to afford gasoline, or destroyed by neo-Marxist indoctrination at public school.

Other than that… no one left behind. Thanks, Joe!

Want proof that Jesus was a woke socialist? Look no further than these classic quotes straight from the Bible.

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