March 4, 2024

Biden ‘Is Never, Ever Going to Quit’

Mitch Landrieu, a co-chair of the Biden campaign, stated on NBC’s” Meet the Press” on Sunday that concerns about President Joe Bind ‘ mental health would not lead him to “quit” the race for president.

According to anchor Kristen Welker, 76 % of voters are worried about the president’s mental and physical health if he runs for reelection. What strategy is being used to persuade voters often?

” President Trump, merely the other night, confused what day of the week it was,” Landrieu remarked. He is perplexed as to who is in charge of China and North Korea. By the way, he has perplexed the rulers of Turkey and Hungary. Speaking on the other time was Speaker Mike Johnson, who conflated Iraq and Iran. Of sure, President Trump is unaware of the distinction between Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi.

How do you listen to Democrats who claim they want the top of the solution to change, Welker asked?

I’m in the process of doing it correctly then, Landrieu said. And proving that Joe Biden will rise every day and that the mayor’s achievements have truly been unmatched. The one thing Joe Biden will never do is to give up; you can depend on that. Because he has n’t done that in his entire life.

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