March 4, 2024

Biden Is ‘Very Clear and Very Focused’

When asked about Special Counsel Robert Hur describing President Joe Biden as an old man with a bad memory, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on ABC’s” This Year” that the President was “very distinct and very focused. “

You’ve known Joe Biden for a long time, and throughout this issue, you have dealt with him frequently, said anchor Jonathan Karl. What’s your opinion of him?

Also, Jon, I’ve had more than a few lengthy phone conversations with President Biden, Netanyahu remarked. He even made a historic initial by traveling to Israel during the war.

” And I found him to be very clear and focused,” he continued. We were able to come to an understanding regarding the war’s objectives and many other issues. We were able to come to an understanding on many issues, including the combat goals. We occasionally disagree, but it was n’t because of a lack of comprehension on his or my part. I have n’t seen that, but I can tell you that.

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