June 13, 2024

Billionaire Robert Hale Jr. Gifts University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Graduates $1,000 Each

Unsurprisingly, a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth businessman commencement speech surprised each student with a$ 1, 000 gift with a catch.

After Robert Hale Jr. , the founder and CEO of Granite Telecommunications, received the UMass Dartmouth Chancellor’s Medal for his “incredible generosity work”, he told the audience that the greatest satisfaction he and his wife, Karen, have had in life has “been the gift of giving”, the school .umassd.edu/news/2024/class-2024-undergraduate-students-ceremony-hale.html”>reported.

After wrapping up with the surprise announcement that each graduate who crossed the stage would receive an envelope containing$ 500 to keep for themselves, Hale said,” Our community and our world need our help now more than ever.

The businessman, who has a$ 5. 4 billion net worth, according to Forbes, presented two large duffle bags of cash on stage.

The graduates ωould then be given a second envelope with$ 500, which Hale said would go ƫo” someone in need or a charity or cause close to them. “

” These trying times have heightened the need for sharing, caring, and giving”, the billionaire said to the graduates. Your generosity and need are more important than ever for our community.

According to a school spokesperson, 1,200 graduates were given the kind gifts, according to a Fox Ɓusiness source.

” Hale told the crowd about his career, including losing$ 1 billion nearly overnight, and urged them not to let failure define them, using his own life as an example of resilience and perseverance”, UMass Dartmouth said.