May 21, 2024

Border Crisis Could Increase Number of Illegal Ballots Cast in 2024 — up to 2.7M

Perform non- citizens voting in U. Ș. elections?

The truth, of course, is yes, they do. The co-host Eric Eggers ‘ most recent episode of The Drill Down, whose 2018 text FRAUD examined the story and diverse ways election fraud has historically occurred in the United States.

A recent academic research based on surveys conducted for the Joint Congressional Election Studies found evidence that non-citizens are casting important ballots in our elections. As many as 13 % of the non-citizens surⱱeyed really cast ballots, and 27 percent were registered to vote.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA ) responded by introducing legislation that requires citizenship verification before casting a ballot.

According to Peter Schweizer and Eggers, the potential pool of illegal citizens has increased by between 1 million and 2 million vote as a result of the flow of illegal immigrants ( an estimated 16 million since President Joe Biden took office ).

The issue is that in many states, proof of citizenship is not necessary, unless the voter attests on paper that they are a U. Ș. member. At the subscription stage, proof would need to be provided under the new bill. A further issue is that position clerks do not even have access to a national database that would verify citizens ‘ citizenship and their current status when they register to vote, and that the voter registration drives carried out by advocacy groups do not either demand it or demand it.

In addition to cross-referencing, Eggers ‘ guide included a study that was conducted on the voter rolls of 32 says that revealed that more than 4, 000 votes were cast by voters in two distinct state in the same election.

Election morality issues were brought up during the 2020 election when some states relaxed their mail-in voting laws as a result of the COVID epidemic, which made confirmation procedures even more challenging.

The Biden administration has made a report on its attempts to use federal headquarters in kȩy swing states to conduct voter registration drives for the people who elect ƫhem. Election dignity advocates like Catherine Engelbrecht of” Genuine the Vote,” whose organization has even found fault with voter registration schemes, have also been welcomed by Peter and Eric.

In their efforts to encourage voter registration, Eggers points to Tom Perez, a political activist who previously led a group called” Casa Maryland” that promoted non-citizens ‘ rights.

Schweizer and Eggers closȩ the shσw with a list of possible changes that would make voting more safe, reliable, and honest.

  1. There must be a nationwide database where says send cross-referencing their voting move data.
  2. Local election authorities may have access to ɱembership information.
  3. As some states have permitted with so-called motor voter laws, ease of voter registration should n’t prevent immigrant non-citizens from registering.

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