May 21, 2024

Border Patrol Agent Sentenced for Offering to Smuggle Migrant Female in El Paso

A Mexican border patrol agent who attempted to bring a female immigrant from El Salvador into Texas may spend a month and a half in jail.

This year, 42- year- ancient Fernando Castillo went before a U. S. District Judge in El Paso, who sentenced him to 18 months in prison. Castillo admitted guilt on one count of corruption of a public official in February, according to data from the Northern District of Texas.

A female immigrant from El Salvador, who also was a member of Mexico, entered the case while Castillo was employed at a migrant control facility in El Paso. First, the person was going to be removed to El Salvador. But, Castillo said he would support her and had her released to Mexico.

Castillo informed the woman that he could obtain her immigration documents for$ 5, 000 while she was being held. She may be granted both a release and a stay in the nation, according to the papers. Castillo alleged that he would reduce the lady from the system and issue her with a Notice of Appearment so that she could remain indefinitely.

The woman immediately declined, and she was taken to Mexico. Once in Mexico, the girl discovered that Castillo had stolen$ 500 from her stuff. She returned to the port of entry to notify officials. At that point, she met with federal prosecutors who began to investigate Castillo, who had been trying to call the person’s cell phone.

As they continued the investigation, the officials arranged for the person to speak with Castillo and agreed to his request to obtain false files for$ 5,000. After he logged into a laptop program and altered the person’s file to allow her to enter the country, they detained Castillo a few days later.

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