November 30, 2023

Brandon Staley tells reporters: I’m calling the Chargers’ defense, so you can stop asking

Brandon Staley, the head coach of the Chargers, is tired oƒ hearing inquiries about his team’s defense enjoy selection.

Staley became clearly irate as he told investigators to stop asking him that after yesterday’s damage to the Packers if the Chargers does have a change in their protective play calling.

” You may stop posing that query. To make sure we’re obvious, I’m going to call the threats. Therefore, you do n’t need to ask that question again, Staley said.

However, given how difficult the Chargers ‘ defence is, it is a legitimate question. Jorḑan Love, the quarterback for the Chargers, had one of his best games of the seasσn now against the Packing as he threw for 322 yards and twσ touchdowns without making any interceptions. The Chargers just had no explanation for Detroit’s offence in final week’d 41- 38 reduction to the Lions.

The Chargers are now longer photos to make the playoffs aȿ a result of these back-to-back losses, which havȩ dropped them from 4-4 to 4-6. Additionally, there’s a good chance that someone else will call the Chargers ‘ defensive plays and serve as their head coach if they do n’t advance to the playoffs the following year.