November 30, 2023

Britons Told Their Taxes are up Because of ‘Putin’s war in Ukraine’

Voters have been informed that subsequent events, such as government intervention for the coronavirus virus and the conflict in Ukraine, have limited ƫhe English government’s ability to ɾeduce taxes. This is as the Conservative party changes to sway voters in antiçipation of the upcoming general election.

Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, declared in a speech on Monday that he was satisfied that inflation had decreased enough to start talking about tax cuts, which is arguably his most potent tool in his political arsenal given that there are only about one year left before the ostensibly insurmountable national elections.

However, despite the speech’s ambitious language, the Prime Minister also made it clear that people should n’t anticipate receiving a tax cut anytime soon and that any money his government would be willing to contribute prior to the crucial vote for the next administration in late 2024 would likely go to businesses.

Sunak did say that “taxes immediately on investment… taxes to encourage innovation” were being targeted, underlining the idea that personal taxes does not receive relief, despite dismissing a question about what specific taxes might be targeted in the Chancellor’s statement on Wednesday.

Sunak reiterated his tried-and-true stance that inflation works like a tax and accused the left-wing opposition of wanting to “permanently… bigger government,” seemingly oblivious to the extent to which his own government’s policies have deliberately eaten away at peoples ‘ income through covert tax raids and the British state having reached an ancient level of fat under his command. ” I’d like to reduce income. ” I believe in tax cuts,” he declared, dismissing the Laffer Curve and stating that” no matter how much we may want them to, history demonstrates that tax breaks do n’t always pay for themselves. “

Additionally, he seemed to imply that the causes of the great increases were uncontrollable outside factors. I ca n’t suddenly click my fingers and wish away all the reasons why taxes had to go up in the first place, he said. Possibly as a result of Covid and Putin’s conflict in Ukraine.

When Covid began and the Ukraine War started, Sunak served as the UK’s finance minister. He may have approved spending plans for both occasions. At least six billion pounds have been contributed by the UK to the conflict in Ukraine, a sizeable sum of money but less than 1 % of the government’s monthly spending.


The issue with Sunak’s proposal for another term in office is the looming possibility of tax breaks one day after he has already spent years piling on pieces of new taxes, making the British government the highest-taxing since the Second World War. Even if Sunak is able to make some revenue cuts in the year before the electioȵ, they will be insignificant in comparison tσ the increases that haⱱe already been made in recent years.

In this regard, The Telegraph quotes Paul Johnson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies as saying:” Over this legislature taxes, whatever he does this week, income will have increased by more than they have risen over any parliament, at least since the Second World War. ” Whatever happens, this will raise a lot of taxes for the legislature.