May 17, 2024

CA School District Sued for Hiding Pro-Hamas Lesson From Parents

A California public faculty district that tried to cover pro-Hamas course materials from mother and father now faces authorized motion.

The Deborah Project, which describes itself as “a public interest law firm that defends the civil rights of Jews in education,” filed swimsuit April 8 towards the Berkeley Unified School District, accusing it of “intentionally trying to prevent parents from knowing what their kids are learning.”

The lawsuit, filed in Alameda County Superior Court, additionally accuses the college system of “teaching kids mendacious and malicious lies about [Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel] that are grossly inaccurate and, on the basis of this false information, fomenting hatred against the Jewish State.”

The Deborah Project went to courtroom on behalf of a dad or mum within the Berkeley faculty district, Yossi Fendel, who says he was delayed and denied details about his little one’s curriculum after a social research instructor, Alex Day, introduced at a school board meeting in November that he was going to include classes about “Palestine.” 

Day additionally acknowledged on the faculty board assembly that he wouldn’t be “censored” from lecturing his college students about “colonialism.”

Day is a ninth-grade social research instructor at Berkeley High School, in line with the college system’s web site.

Alex Day in a photograph obtained from Berkeley High School’s staff page

Fendel repeatedly tried to achieve details about Day’s course materials, however was obstructed consistently “for months” by rescheduling, cancellations, and different delays by Berkeley High School and district employees, The Deborah Project stated in a press launch.

The lawsuit asserts that Day forged Jews as abusive, land-stealing colonizers, ignoring 1000’s of years of historical past to make a political assertion, whereas soft-pedaling the Hamas terrorist group. Day explicitly kept away from describing as “terrorism” Hamas’ Oct. 7 rape and homicide of over 1,200 in southern Israel and its kidnapping of over 200 civilians, in line with the lawsuit.

The swimsuit provides:

We search as nicely to study the way it got here to be that [Berkeley Unified School District]—in violation of California regulation—inexcusably however deliberately delayed entry to the curriculum, making certain that oldsters couldn’t study what was being fed their youngsters till after a stream of antisemitic falsehoods had already been planted not solely in Mr. Fendel’s son’s thoughts, however within the minds of all his classmates.

According to slides for Day’s classes obtained by The Daily Signal, the instructor used one slide and half of one other to explain Hamas’ bloodbath of civilians in Israel, and 43 slides to explain what he known as Israel’s “all out assault on Gaza.”

Hamas, which is understood for utilizing civilians as shields for its navy operations, has been the elected authorities of the Gaza Strip since 2006.

In my evaluation as a former instructor and curriculum developer, Day’s slides are completely riddled with main questions and weighted comparisons, in what seems to be an try to color Gazans because the victims of unwarranted colonial aggression.

Day makes a comparability on slide 14, titled “Consequences of War,” that dishonestly portrays Israeli residents as solely having to postpone funerals and weddings whereas Gazans have “no food, no water, no electricity,” and “humanitarian aid was/is being blocked.” (The instructor doesn’t specify who blocked help.)

The repeated rocket strikes and different horrors Israeli civilians have confronted throughout the battle, and for many years earlier than, usually are not talked about in Day’s slideshow.

Although the instructor claims in slide 29 that “we take care of each other,” his slides decidedly paint Israelis and Republicans in America as unfeeling and uncompassionate. The slides ask loaded questions corresponding to: “Why do you think there aren’t more politicians calling for a ceasefire?”

Day’s slides embrace quotes solely from, and photographs of, Democrats.

Day included a number of questions asking college students what they thought of Israeli actions towards “Palestinians,” however didn’t ask a single query about what college students considered Hamas’ actions, media protection, or associated U.N. resolutions.

For instance, query 10 asks, referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Do you think that Netanyahu’s directions to the Palestinians are fair? Why or why not?”

Outside of a short reference to Oct. 7, Day’s slides don’t point out Hamas in any respect, neither is its chief, Ismail Haniyeh. Students aren’t requested whether or not Haniyeh’s actions towards Israelis “are fair.”

Both questions 6 and seven ask college students how they really feel “about lives lost or damage done to Gaza’s infrastructure,” however no query asks college students about Hamas’ Oct. 7 assaults.

California State Standards require historical past lecturers to level out “bias and prejudice” in historic interpretations, however the slides in Day’s presentation don’t point out the blatant antisemitism of Hamas or different Iranian proxy teams. 

Not referenced a single time: the tens of 1000’s of social media posts, press releases, recordings of public chants, and different blatant expressions world wide in support of Hamas that decision for the loss of life of all Jews. 

The Berkeley faculty district didn’t reply to The Daily Signal’s request that it verify the authenticity of Day’s slides by time of publication. However, hyperlinks within the slides hyperlink to digital varieties hosted by the college district’s official web area.

If the Berkeley Unified School District tried to cover or delay entry to this info, it wouldn’t be the primary time a public faculty district was caught trying to keep parents from seeing disturbing or controversial curriculum or pedagogy.

Hundreds of public faculty districts across the nation have tried to cover racially discriminatory and sexually express curriculum from mother and father, as confirmed by Freedom of Information Act requests, recorded admissions by school administrators, and dozens of whistleblowers.

Berkeley Unified wouldn’t be California’s first public faculty district to protect antisemitic actions inside its colleges.

Within weeks after the Hamas assault in Israel, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District forced a gag order on four 11-year-olds so that they wouldn’t discuss concerning the antisemitic loss of life threats different college students made towards them.