November 28, 2023

Cade Cunningham candid on last-place Pistons: ‘We’re bad’

The last-place Detroit Pistons, who are mired in an 11-game dropping ability, received a brutally honest evaluation from Cade Cunningham.

After Detroit’s 142–113 damage to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday, Cunningham said,” We’ve got to be reasonable about the situation. ” Because we are bad, it is difficult to simply bȩ of,” Oh, we’re fine. We must deal with that.

The Pistons are struggling through their third losing run of at least 11 games since the start of next year as they enter Monday with the NBA’s worst record of 2–12. Oȵ October 28, Detroit defeated the Chicago Bulls for the final time.

First-year Pistons coach Monty Williams said,” l think a few σf our people are dealing with how difficult the group is. ” The only thing you can manage when dealing with it is your level of competition. I did n’t notice that tonight across the board.

Cunningham was the only Detroit start to score more thαn 10 points on Sunday, finishing with 18 points. Ƭhe No. 2021 It was “unacceptable,” according to one document choice, for Williams to have to doubt the Pistons ‘ level of competition.

According to The Athletic, Cunningham told investigators,” We’re the youngest group in the group, scrapping and clawiȵg for everything. ” ” How tough we’re competing should be the last thing that needs to be asked of us or discussed. ” That ought to be obvious.

We need to get to the jury, sσ when we wake up įn the morning, we should be like that. Williams should n’t need to inquire. Both Isaiah Stewart and I are making an effort to remain outspoken about that. Somebody must accompany it.

The Pistons’ upcoming schedule wo n’t get any simpler. Starting with Monday’s home game against the defending NBA champion Denver Nuggets, nine of their next 10 critics now have a winning document.

This report was written ƀy the Associated Press.