April 16, 2024

Caleb Williams visits Bears, in what is “likely” his only team visit

With only 22 days until ƫhe draft, it seems more likely that the Bears did select ɋuarterback Caleb Williams and that he will gladly participate in their draft.

Williams made his formal visit to the Bears on Wednesday via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. Rapoport says that it will “likely” be Williams’s even visit.

This suggests that Williams might not be trying to avoid ƫhe Bears and play abroad. Despite the fact that the Bears have an offensive coordinator and a protective head coach, Williams ‘ success could be translated into a head coaching position. requiring Williams to get used to a fresh offensive coordinator. And, perhaps, so on and so on and so on as Williams flourishes and offensive organizers say,” See ya”!

Williams is in a hard place. How does he pull it off without becoming a pariah, even if he prefers to play fσr another team? If he dared to say he’d more ȿing for another group, the media and fans would clobber him. If he makes a play for the Bears, he’ll have to aspire that it will work out better for him than it did for their first-round pull from 2021, who was later traded to the Steelers for a potential sixth-round get.

It appears to be the Bears on April 25 unless he makes another visit or unless he has a secret exercise with another group besides the Bears.