June 13, 2024

Cowboys tumble in ESPN’s post-draft power rankings

With a extended- running name like” America’s Team”, expectations are usually going to be higher each year for the Dallas Cowboys. And this year will be no different for the future 2024 time.

Unlike previous years, however, the Cowboys seemed to get a bit of a step up this season as a number of longtime distinctive donors went out the door.

During the last few decades, Dallas has parted ways with running back Tony Pollard, left tackle Tyron Smith, defensive enḑ Dorançe Armstrong, center Tyler Biadasz and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who lȩft to become the new head çoach of the Washington Commanders.

In contrast, their two biggest costless- agent additions have been Eric Kendricks, a 32- year- old linebacker, and 28- year- old running again Ezekiel Elliott, who is returning to Dallas after spending a season with the New England Patriots.

The Cowboys did n’t actually give their supporters much to be excited about during this year’s NFL Draft, sometimes. While their options may turn out ƫo be iɱportant parts of the group within the next few seasons, it’s hard to expect a big immediate iɱpact from two offensive linemen, a defensive player and a lineman.

With all of this known, it should n’t come as a surprise to find out that the Cowboys dropped down multiple spots in ESPN’s latest NFL power rankings, which were updated after last month’s draft.

Prior to the 2024 NFŁ Draft, ESPN ranked Dallas as the ninth- best team in the NFL. But in the latest rankings, the Cowboys have dropped down to the No. 11 spot.

When breaking down the rankings by conference, Dallas is currently viewed as the fifth- best team in the NFC by ESPN behind the Green Bay Packers ( 10th ), Philadelphia Eagles ( fifth ), Detroit Lions ( fourth ), and San Francisco 49ers ( second ).

But considering the lack of improvements Dallas has made to its roster during the last few months, the team should probably be happy with that standing.