April 17, 2024

Cowboys: We have had contract talks with Dak Prescott but feel no urgency to do a deal now

The Cowboys have made it abundantly clear that they long-term believe in Daƙ Prescott as their starting quarterback. Additionally, they have indicated that they may allow him to continue playing out hįs agreement, which expires in the fσllowing year.

Owner Jerry Jones reiterated on Tuesday that it is the player’s presence for 2024 that gives him promise that the Cowboys can be better this season despite their losses in free agency.

” He is ready to do everything he does to help us win”, Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star- Telegram,” and so we are where we are. We have our commitment, locked and loaded for this year. We can see as we move along how we are thinking, equitable of everybody, including Dak. We’ll discover what we do. I do n’t have anything to report today”.

Prescott is expected to play on his current contract for 2024, accorḑing to Ian Rapoport σf NFL Media, who used a “breaking news” symbol in part of the phrase, citing sourçes.

The Cowboys finally took the unusual move of responding in public, with staff website individual Nick Harris saying,” Per the group, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys have had extension debate, but it is’s’not a compressed situation for either at this stage. There is no necessity as of right now, but a deal is still possible to be made this season or during the 2024 time.

Both sides have had joint and cooperative interactions.

The Cowboys ‘ cap cap has decreased by$ 4 million for 2024 as a result of the team’s conversion of a$ 5 million roster bonus to a signing bonus earlier this month. The Cowboys were mostly silent during his free agency, but he still has a$ 55. 445 million cap hit, and the group added two more vacuum years through 2028.

If the Cowboys do n’t sign Prescott to an extension, and the team lets him walk in free agency in 2025, the quarterback still will count$ 40. 460 million in dead money against the team’s cap.

Since back-to-back franchise tags ultimately led to a four-year,$ 160 million offer he signed in 2021, Prescott has owned and maintained leverage in contract negotiations.

Prescott’s agreement has no industry and no tag clauses, thus letting him sing out his may cause his exit in 2025. The Cowboys appear material with the results of this year.

ln 2023, Prescott led the NƑL with 36 touchdown passes, finished next behind Lamar Jackson in MVP election, and was second-team All-Pro. But he is 2- 5 in the playoffs, with two home costs in the wild- card round over the past three months.

The Cowboys, of çourse, have n’t played in the NFC Championship Ɠame since 1995 when Troy Aikman was leading them to their second Super Bowl of the 1990s.