April 17, 2024

Dan Quinn: Bobby Wagner is all that I love about football

When he became the Commanders head coach this winter, Dan Quinn brought a number of former Cowboys with him, and he even delved even further into his past to increase a cornerback to the lineup.

Bobby Wagner was the defensive coordinator of the Seahawks in 2013 and 2014, but Quiȵn has had to sing against him since moving to the Falcons ƫo take over as heaḑ coach. He stated on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he was glad to have Collins again on his part because of what his existence will think as the team installs a new security in the upcoming months and that one of his messages to his teams was “do not let this individual ruin this game. “

” He’s all that I love about football“, Quinn said. ” He’s a keeper, he’s violent, he’s hard, he’s clever, he takes care of himself. What I’m cheerful to see — and I’m sure it’ll happen — he’s a multiple. Wags is. Because this is how the common is, this is how I operate, this is a procedure to go through. If you are a young cornerback being around someone, this is the specific type of cornerback you’d want to be around… . Seeing that common of how we operate. I thought that was really important, and so that’s why I’m so lit up about getting him around”.

One point is to set the standard. Finding players who does live up to Wαgner’s standards as frequently as they have throughout their careers is another thing, and Quinn does have a couple to do so in order for Quinn to provide succȩss back tσ Washington.