May 21, 2024

Exercise And 10 Other Dangerous Far-Right Health Conspiracies

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Do you stay active to maintain your physical fitness? If so, it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re a far-right extremist, whether you knew it or not. In fact, exercise isn’t the only dangerous right-wing health conspiracy invading American life.

The Babylon Bee is here to perform a public service by warning you about exercise and 10 other dangerous far-right health conspiracies to watch out for:

  1. Drinking water: Why hydrate with the liquid God made when you can fill yourself up with beverages made from ingredients you can’t pronounce?
  2. Getting sunlight: Whatever you do, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t leave your house. Stay inside and binge-watch some predictive programming.
  3. Eating meat that wasn’t 3D-printed: Do you hate animals and the earth so much that you have to eat real meat, you bloodthirsty savage?
  4. Not having drunken sex with 300 different people you randomly met at a club each year: Living a decent, monogamous lifestyle and raising a family is no way to go through life.
  5. Bathing: Every time you bathe, you contribute to water scarcity and climate change. Horrible.
  6. Improving mental health by laughing at inaccurate conservative memes: Only fill your brain with disinformation from reliable mainstream media sources.
  7. Spending time with dear friends and having deep conversations late into the night over cigars: The only physician-approved treatment for loneliness is an antidepressant.
  8. Procreation to preserve the human race: You know who else promoted having children? Hitler.
  9. Lifting weights: The only reason to become physically stronger is to oppress minorities.
  10. Keeping the genitals you were born with: Everyone must transition at least once if they don’t want to be branded an oppressor.

If you want to keep yourself from being a dangerous far-right extremist, do whatever you can to avoid engaging in the activities listed above at all costs. Remember, an unhealthy society is a compliant society.

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