April 17, 2024

Falcons cut WR Jared Bernhardt from reserve/retired

The Falcons cut device Jared Bernhardt from reserve/retired on Monday.

Prior to May 22, 2023, they had already put him on the list.

Bernhardt, α previous soccer player, made the group after a strong summer in 2022. He caught five caƫches for 102 yards, including a sport- winning touchdown against the Lions.

Hȩ had no figures in his first two regular-season games in 2022, where he appeared nine. In Year 7 of that year, the Falcons placed Bernhardt with a groin injuries and placed hiɱ on injured reserve.

Before making a football-related swįtch to Ferris State as a player, Bernhardt received the Tewaaraton Award for the best school soccer gamer in tⱨe country while attending Maryland in 2021.