June 13, 2024

Famous Actor Withdraws His Support For Biden Over Israel Stance


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A well-known Democrat-backed candidate for president has withdrawn his support for President Joe Biden.

Amid the government’s controversial position on Israel, by pausing arms supplies, Michael Rappaport ranted at the president and removed his support. ” I’m actually un- endorsing# JoeBiden”, he said in a blog on X which contained a picture. I’m done because I worked so hard for this sweet serve MF, which consumes ice cream.

He used a number of beautiful names to express his dislike for past president Trump.

” I did it for the love because I could n’t stand that motherf***er”, he said in the video.

However, he then turned his attention to President Biden, who he insulted with an expletive-filled talk about current decisions made in relation to Israel.

” You’re not sending arms to Israel during f***ing battle”? he said. While victims from 22 nations and British hostages are still being held by ****?


” You’re hardly sending weapons then, you silly f***? “he said.

” Let me tell you anything,” the artist said”. I never, ever, ever thought I would say this, OK, but I can guarantee you this right now … Joe Biden: Me, Michael Rapaport, I’m not voting for you. You’re never getting my ballot.

He continued,” And plenty of us,” as he pointed out his two Star of David ornaments to his neck, “ain’t election for you either. “

” I said it once, and I’ll say it again”, he said. ” This is why voting for]Trump ] is on the table”.

In an appointment he conducted in March, he suggested that his support for President Biden was declining because the comedian is upset about not just his policies toward Israel.

Rappaport, who has a history of vicious attacks on]Trump and his family, revealed in an interview with the Visegrad 24 audio that he would not vote for Biden in the future.

” My political views have changed immensely”, Rapaport said. ” I did not vote for Joe Biden. At this point when we’re doing this meeting, voting for Trump is on the table. Folks are like,’ What are you talking about? ‘ That’s my truth. I will never assistance anybody who’s anti- Israel. I did not back anyone who wants to keep America healthy.

He even chastised Biden’s digital open- borders policies.

” I’m not along with that shit”, he said. ” I do n’t care about police officers beating up in the biggest city on earth,” I said. You’re an illegal immigrant, and then you have no bail, ]and then ] flipping off the f***ing camera”, he continued.

He compared display crowds who have been looting financial spaces in places that are run by Democratic lawmakers to “going into a Costco or a 7/11, cleaning out the spot. ” Therefore, I’m no voting for any of these supporters. I’m not getting caught up or suckered into these race politics or any of that bulls *** anymore”.

After backing Israel in October, Biden’s approval rating among Democrats dropped by double digits after the Hamas militant group launched a surprise attack on Israel that killed nearly 1,300 people and kidnapped thousands more.

According to Axios, citing a fresh Gallup survey, Biden’s approval rating fell 11 points in a single month among Democrats, falling to a record low of 75 percent, and that is mainly due to his support for the Jewish state.

With his unwavering support for Israel, which has bombarded and laid bare Gaza for a week in response to Hamas ‘ October 7 terrorist attacks, Biden runs the risk of alienating members of his own party, according to Politico.


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