March 4, 2024

Fans want the Dolphins to switch to their old uniforms; Dan Marino says Stephen Ross won’t do it

Animals fans adore the group’s previous uniforms. Supporters of the non-Doves also do.

Beyond memories or anything else, they simply appear more attractive. They appear more resilient. They pose a greater threat.

A basketball team presents itself to the opposition by wearing a dress. Do you recall when Burt Reynolds broke open a box containing the Suggest System clothes in the first episode of The Longest Yard? When the player runs out in them, it deflates them and lifts the crew to put them on.

The Dolphins, regrettably, wo n’t give almost everyone what they ask for. Because only the voter wants to keep the uniforms that were recently adopted when he took over as the team’s user.

On PFT Live this year, Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, who serves as the Vice Chairman, President, and CEO of the Dolphins, was questioned about what it would take for Stephen Ross to permanently reinstate the oldies.

You understand what I mean when I say,” I do n’t think he will, because that was kind of his baby”? Marino remarked. ” Specifically when we play those games where we wear oldies, I’d like to see them return as well because they look fantastic. ” However, he also owns the staff at the same time. He may not want to learn that issue any longer, in my opinion. Better to just let it be. Do n’t touch it; leave it alone.

We did n’t, but Dan can leave it alone. Give the people what they want, Steve. It will please your supporters and might even help your team do a little bit better.