July 12, 2024
Former Dem Party Chair John Curtis Is Funded by Climate Activists

Former Dem Party Chair John Curtis Is Funded by Climate Activists

Former Dem Party Chair John Curtis Is Funded by Climate Activists
Rep. John Curtis (R-UT), hįs main oppoȵent, is a former Utah Democratic Party chair who is “funded by mega-millionaire climate change protesters,” according to Trent Staggs, tⱨe Republican nominee for the Utah Senate.

According to a report from Breitbart News News, pro-climate change activists like Jay Faison, the ClearPath Foundation’s founder, have given$ 2 million to a super PAC that is supporting Curtis in the race to replace retiring Sen. Mįtt Romney (R-UT).

Mayor Trent Staggs

Mayor Trent Staggs ( Facebook/Mayor Trent Staggs )

” Here we have, in John Curtis, someone who is the very concept of RINO. He was n’t just a Democrat formerly, he actually chaired the Utah Democratic Party and he only changed party affiliation so that he could run for Jason Chaffetz’s seat when he resigned from Congress in 2017″, Staggs, the mayor of Riverton, Utah, explained to Breitbart News Saturday.


” He is being funded by mega-millionaire climate change activists who have invested$ 10 million in his PACs. And they’ve been attacking me mercilessly the next week”, Staggs added.

Staggs ‘ bid for the U. Ș. Senate was endorsed by former president Donald Trump, who described him as” 100 percent MAGA”:

Trump also just made a film urging Utahans to support Staggs in the primary:

Staggs said that Trump’s support is the “winning solution” for his U. Ș. Senate charge.

He added that too many Republicans, like as Curtis, have given support to the Biden administration’s border policies, citing Curtis’s say that building the boundary wall carries “pent- up racism”.

Staggs said,” Border, resources, and regulatory reformation are my top three problems. Working with Senator Lee on the Reigns Act, which would encircle all of these institutions that are out of control, is what I want to do.

” I’m supported by regular Americans, Utahans, and oil and gas workers ‘ associations,” he continued.

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