June 22, 2024

Former Patrón executives launch Weber Ranch Vodka made with agave

Former Patrón executives who launched Texas-based brand Round 2 Spirits in January introduced shoppers with the primary product displaying their mission to disrupt the booze class.

Earlier this week, Round 2 Spirits revealed Weber Ranch Vodka, a singular product distilled from 100% Blue Weber agave reasonably than the fermented corn, wheat or potato it is usually made from.

“After my partners and I sold Patrón six or so years ago, we had already been bonded for a very long time by our love of agave and our shared success with Patrón,” Lee Applbaum, president of Round 2 Spirits, informed FOX Business throughout a telephone interview.


Weber Ranch distillery

Weber Ranch Vodka was launched by Round 2 Spirits as its first product in early May. (Round 2 Spirits / Fox News)

“We acknowledged, in tequila, what an incredible supreme spirit agave may produce with care,” he mentioned.

Applbaum, the previous CMO of Patrón Tequila and Grey Goose Vodka, based Round 2 with his companions, together with co-founder of Patrón Tequila John Paul DeJoria, former CEO of Patrón Spirits Company Ed Brown, former President International and COO of Patrón Spirits Dave Wilson and former COO of Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits Brad Vassar.

A ardour for agave coupled with an everlasting friendship and a tall order for an additional shot on the trade collectively is what pulled a number of the males from retirement and drove the group to get to work on spirit innovation.

“Our ambitions are to disrupt at scale,” Applbaum mentioned. “Over the course of several years, we kept our eyes very close and ears very close to the industry. We are obviously consumers also. We were very familiar with tequila and consumer fascination with agave, specifically.”


Weber Ranch vodka

Weber Ranch Vodka is made with 100% blue Weber agave. (Round 2 Spirits / Fox News)

Applbaum added that there’s amplified dialog surrounding agave and the science and well being advantages of the plant. Consumers additionally report an agave “high” and “positive vibe” along with bouncing again extra quickly after ingesting agave-based cocktails.

The palate of the vodka drinker was on the forefront of decision-making whereas crafting a singular recipe. Applbaum and his companions knew that to enchantment to the fitting viewers, they would want to copy the silky clean mouthfeel of vodka in their very own product. The objective? To craft a liquor that tastes good in a signature cocktail like a martini.

“That was really the most challenging part of crafting Weber Ranch,” mentioned Applbaum.

Many years of working with agave struck a chord with the crew as they knew, with correct care throughout fermentation and distillation and the perfect agave, they might regale shoppers with a luminescent and velvety mouthfeel with out earthy undertones or the burn of ethanol.

“Better ingredients usually yield a superior product,” Applbaum mentioned. “The same agave, the same distillation process, but refined even further makes Weber agave.”

To absolutely mature, agave wants seven years to bloom. The model leveraged years-long partnerships and relationships with agave growers in Jalisco, Mexico, to reap their concept and rapidly inventory cabinets with an revolutionary product.

“Mother Nature needs to take her time,” Applbaum mentioned. “The longer the agave is maturing, the more the sugar is concentrated in the agave piña. We wanted to partner with someone we know, we trust and who has access to the world’s best agave.”

Weber Ranch Vodka drink

Lee Applbaum, president of Round 2 Spirits, informed FOX Business there’s better dialogue about agave amongst spirit shoppers. (Round 2 Spirits / Fox News)


Weber Ranch’s grasp distiller, Antonio Rodriguez, former manufacturing director at Patrón Tequila, oversaw sourcing, high quality management and product improvement to make sure exemplary mouthfeel and taste profiles for shoppers, particularly vodka lovers.

“The consumer could reject something that’s too far out there,” Applbaum mentioned. “You can find these very niche products, but the consumer absolutely has to love it. All of us are 100% focused on Weber Ranch right now. We’ve got a lot of work to do to educate the consumer.”

While the lads at Round 2 Spirits are wanting to seize shoppers’ imaginations and revolutionize as soon as once more, they’re wholly engrossed within the first product launch.

“The bar has been set really high here,” Applbaum mentioned. “We’re paying very close attention to what’s going on in the industry. Where are there unmet consumer needs? That’s where we’re going to go.”