June 22, 2024

Fox News, MTG ‘Unusual Performance’ to Blame for Driving Up Death Threats

Former Biden medical adviser Anthony Fauci cited Fox News and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA ) questioning on Monday on CNN’s” The Source” as the “kind of things” that were escalating death threats directed at him during a congressional subcommittee hearing earlier that day.

CNN host Kaitlan Collins said,” You testified there at the conclusion about the challenges you and your family are nonetheless receiving. ” ” And for those who do n’t know, that was your wife, Christine, who is esteemed in her own right, sitting behind you there. And I really wonder if you ever thought you would still be receiving those kinds of threats, credible threats to your life, perhaps today, two years after leaving government support.

” You know, it’s really interesting”, Fauci replied. It’s a copyright — style, Kaitlan: whenever someone gets up, whether it’s a news media person, or a member of Congress who gets up and declares in front of a crowd that I’m to blame for the deaths of X-number of people due to laws or some ridiculous idea that I created the virus, the death risks go way up. So that’s the cause wⱨy I’m still receiving death threats when you give shows like Marjorie Taylor Greene’s unexpected performance αt today’s reading. Because there is a certain pȩrcentage of the population who believes that kind of drivel, those issues are ƫhe kind that increase the death threats.

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