April 17, 2024

GOP ‘Changing the Rules’ in the Middle of Election

Former Obama 2012 marketing campaign supervisor Jim Messina mentioned Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Republicans can be “changing the rules” in the center of an election when discussing former President Donald Trump and Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen calling on the state legislature to assign it’s Electoral College votes with the winner-take-all normal.

Co-host Jonathan Lemire mentioned, “If that changes and we don’t know that it will, the state legislature is going to look at it, but if that changes, that takes away Biden’s best path to win because if you get, if he wins Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, then loses the other swing states and no longer picks up the one in, Nebraska that’s 269.”

Messina mentioned, “This is what the modern Republican Party has become, they’re now changing the rules in the middle trying to benefit themselves. This is the hell that Donald Trump hath wrought.”

He continued, “In the middle of this changing the rules 200 days before the election is ridiculous. I think you’re right. I think there are real simulation problems when you look at the map, that one electoral vote really matters in the combination of other things. Then you need another state. The easiest pathway to victory has always been the Midwestern three states combined with Nebraska.”

Messina added, “Something tells me they’re not going to get away with this easy. There will be a national outcry for trying to change the rules here.”

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