November 28, 2023

‘I Was Promised a Smoking Gun!’


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Fox News host Jesse Watters went backwards and forwards with Jessica Tarlov, the only real liberal co-host of “The Five,” over a new improvement involving President Joe Biden and members of his household.

Earlier this month, House Republicans found a $200,000 check written to Joe by his brother, James Biden, on March 1, 2018, which they claimed was a “smoking gun” linking him to worldwide enterprise dealings.

The present performed a clip of House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) saying that Republicans consider the daddy of Hunter Biden and different relations have been all concerned in unsavory and doubtlessly illicit enterprise dealings, including that the GOP-led House was planning to subpoena Hunter very quickly to testify about their claims.

Tarlov claimed that the examine was not proof of something nefarious, and naturally, Watters disagreed.

“Jessica and her ilk for years have said, ‘Well, you don’t have money going directly into Joe Biden’s bank account.’ All right, so now we have a check for $200,000 from one company through the brother to Joe’s bank account,” Watters mentioned to start the phase.

“Ok, you still say that that’s not from overseas. That was a loan. OK, OK. What happens if the next check originates somewhere really bad, Jessica? And I mean really bad?” he continued.

“And it goes through Hunter or James, and it goes directly into Joe Biden’s checking account? Is that your smoking gun? Is that your smoking gun, Jessica? Because, as you said, that was a smoking gun if money went from overseas directly into Joe Biden’s bank account. If a check comes out at some point from that avenue, is that a smoking gun?” Watters requested because the phase already started to get heated.


“Ok, so two things —” Tarlov started earlier than Watters instantly shot again, “Yes or no?”

“No,” Tarlov mentioned.

“It’s not? Woah, woah, woah. Jessica! For a year, you said, ‘The money never hit his bank account.’ What if I have a check that hits his bank account that comes from overseas? Is that not a smoking gun?” Watters demanded to know.

Tarlov then tried to reply, however Watters reduce her off as he continued to blow up.

“Someone help me out,” she pleaded along with her co-hosts as Watters continued interrupting. “Ok, if, uh, uh, uh, Ok —”

Tarlov lastly bought the prospect to elucidate that the examine the panel had been discussing was dated 2018, earlier than Biden was president.

“Is he in elected office, and did he do something about it? So, that check, that 2018 check, was when he was not doing anything except hanging around, and there was an explanation for it. So if you get a check, then you can connect that to an action that he took,” Tarlov mentioned.

“Oh, no, not to an action that he took! That was just an action that he took. Because before you said none of the money from overseas went into his checking account—” Watters started earlier than Tarlov jumped in and mentioned, “That’s not true!”

“So now it’s an action?” Watters demanded.

“You are yelling, and there’s no reason for it,” Tarlov complained.

“There’s a reason,” Watters continued. “I was promised a smoking gun, and if I deliver a smoking gun, you have to admit that gun was smoking.”



Earlier this month, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) informed Newsmax TV host Eric Bolling that GOP investigators had found a wealth of economic information linked to the Bidens with nefarious origins.

“We built a case that will win in court, and we’ve made it all the way to the personal bank records of the Bidens,” Comer said.

“So now that we can trace the money, we have enough bank records that we can bring the Bidens in,” Comer mentioned. “So we’re preparing everything now to be able to serve them and try to bring them in. We’ve got a couple more bank statements that need to come in first, but when that all comes in, it should be in a matter of days.”

“Then I think the American people who want to see this family held accountable, I think they’re going to be very satisfied with the next step,” the GOP chief and former banker added.