April 16, 2024

In-season Hard Knocks could feature four teams from the same division

The NFL’s proposal for homeowners to increase the variety of teams that may be required to undergo Hard Knocks features a proposal that will increase the variety of teams that will likely be featured every year on the in-season model of Hard Knocks.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, in-season Hard Knocks will feature all four teams in a single division, if the proposal is accepted.

The objective can be to “ease competitive concerns,” provided that one staff from a division should open its doorways to NFL Films throughout a postseason push, whereas the different teams don’t.

Frankly, that acknowledgement underscores the proven fact that, for the different teams in the same convention who’re competing with the teams from the Hard Knocks division for playoff placement and/or wild-card berth, there’s a possible edge.

The Cardinals, Colts, and Dolphins have been the teams for the first three years of in-season Hard Knocks. This presumably implies that their divisions — the NFC West, AFC South, and AFC East — gained’t be the 2024 topic of in-season Hard Knocks.