May 21, 2024

‘Israel Has Broken International Law’ and ‘American Law,’ Shouldn’t Get Another Nickel in U.S. Military Aid

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT ) claimed on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that Israel should not receive any additional military funding because it has broken international law.

Smith said,” I think any objective observer is aware that Israel has violated international laws that has been implemented in American law. In my view, Israel should not be receiving another metal in U. S. defense help. “

He continued”, Appearance, the information are very distinct. Israel has waged a war against the entire Arab population in the wake of this war, which Hamas is a terrible, disgusting criminal organization that started it. I mean, we’re talking about never just 35, 000 Palestinians dead and 77, 000 wounded, two- quarters of house a women and children. That is not how you go about granting a civilized world the same amount as a civilized war. We’re talking about 60 % of the enclosure in Gaza destroyed, the civil infrastructure that’s waters all that is fresh sewage then running out into the streets, no electricity. You’re referring to a nationwide collapse of the health care system. Every school in Gaza has now been bombed.

Smith added”, Right now most alarmingly, according to the charitable organizations. We are considering how likely it is that hundreds of thousands of babies will starve. Any object that prevents U. S. humanitarian aid is a violation of law and should not continue to receive military assistance from the United States, according to the Foreign Assistance Act’s very, very clear delivery. Israel has done that very well.

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