July 12, 2024
‘It Would Be a Massive Affront to Democracy’ if Dems Swap Out Biden

‘It Would Be a Massive Affront to Democracy’ if Dems Swap Out Biden

‘It Would Be a Massive Affront to Democracy’ if Dems Swap Out Biden

Sen. J.D Vance (R-OH) stated that “it would be a massive affront to American Democracy” if Democrats pulled Biden as their presumptive nominee following Thursday’s CNN debate.

Vance, considered one of a handful of rumored contenders to be Trump’s working mate, appeared on Newsmax from the Spin Room after the controversy, as Democrat pundits and commentators melted down throughout platforms and mused about probably changing Biden because the get together’s nominee after his shaky efficiency.

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“Well, it’s so interesting that the party that has accused Republicans of being threats to democracy for four years is now trying to pull Joe Biden from the ballot for effectively doing what has been obvious to everybody for four years: The guy just clearly isn’t up for the job,” Vance stated.

Vance shared that he thinks “Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden.”

“It would be a massive affront to American democracy for them to have effectively given Democratic primary voters one choice for the entire primary process, and then now that he’s had a disastrous debate performance, try to pull him. It’s impossible,” Vance added.

Vance predicted that Americans noticed Thursday the choices they may have on the poll.

WATCH — CNN’s Chris Wallace: Biden “Can’t Come Back from That” Debate Performance:

“Do you want a high-energy, high-compassioned individual to be the next president, or do you want to give Joe Biden another four years,” he stated.  “I think, for Americans, the contrast was clear, and consequently, the choice is very, very clear. We’re going to elect Donald Trump in November.”

Newsmax Anchor Rob Schmitt concurred that it could be “a great irony” for the get together to pull Biden because the nominee.

“Isn’t that interesting, though, the idea that the delegates would be making the decision on the candidate — they would have taken it away from the voters, and all they talk about is Democracy,” he stated, drawing an affirmative nod from the populist senator.

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