May 21, 2024

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Mike Pence Gay at GLAAD Media Awards

At GLAAD’s ( Gay &amp, Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ) annual Media Awards event in New York City on Saturday, actress Jennifer Lawrence made fun of former Vice President Mike Pence by refering to him as a closeted gay man.

One invited guest had to be escorted out of the place after yelling and standing about how GLAAD is” involved in murder” over the situation in Gaza, which caused a little disruption to the performance on Saturday.

From the step, Television personality Ross Matthews agreed that the problem was critical, Billboard reported.

” That was uncomfy for everybody”, Mathews said after the audience part was removed. ” But you know what? We have to struggle for everyone’s right – and that’s one of them”.

Oscar-winning actor Lawrence, who is not gay, took aim at Mike Pence, who is not exactly a topical target and whose political career is long over and likely wo n’t ever be revived in a later scene.

Lawrence, who played the role of Silver Linings Playbook in the 2013 film Gold Linings, was nominated for Best Actress, but she has since struggled to find any additional hits besides those from her Hunger Games series of movies. She took a year-long split from acting in 2020, and she has since appeared in just three movies.

Lawrence addressed the audience by introducing the queer musician Orville Peck, who was also receiving the Vito Russo Award, as her “favorite musician and excellent friend. “

In a crude sexual joke, Lawrence continued,” I love seeing so many people who can best their fields while still being power bottoms. “

Finally, she claimed, she once had a lesbian partner and that she realized her love would not reciprocate.

” Conversion therapy does n’t work”, she said hinting that her love could not turn a gay man straight.

She then turned her attention to Pence and declared him homosexual.

” Did you hear me, Mike Pence? Conversion treatment, I believe, is not true, despite the fact that you believe it worked.

Throughout her acting career, Lawrence has consistently made strange, unsupported political declarations. In 2022, for instance, she exclaimed that guns were the number one cause of death in children in the U. S. , a state relying on a false CDC stat that includes 18 and 19- season- olds, not only minors, in the group of” children”.

She also appeared to believe that no girls had ever been actors in action movies before she began playing the roles in the Hunger Games that time. It is claimed that a large number of artists who came before her, many of whom were present before she was actually born, are disregarded.

Lawrence has also been vocal about her opposition to hardcore, far-left social movements, and was even heard saying that her own parents were likely Republicans supporters.

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