May 17, 2024

Jerry Jones: “We’re ‘all-in’ on the draft”

There’s that word suddenly.

Over the weekend, we did a deep dive into the nature of the now-notorious Jerry Jones get expression for 2024: “All-in. ”

When he first said it in late January, he meant it in the regular sense. When the Cowboys failed to get “all-in” during free agency, the explanation changed from the ordinary interpretation to something else.

The owner/G. M. was at it again on Tuesday. At a pre-draft media event, Jones said this (via Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ): “We’re very proud of this roster. We feel very, very good about the promise of this roster this time. We feel fantastic about what we’ve been in free agency. We’re all-in. We are all-in on the document. ”

He did n’t use “all-in” at the Senior Bowl to constitute unbridled passion. The word, as he used it therefore, meant making an intense move to put the cards in the middle of the board. It also means that.

My theory continues to be that Jones is all-in only when it comes to keeping the Cowboys as popular and successful as possible. That Jones is a marketer who dangles his presumably insatiable desire to win a Super Bowl as a way to keep the customers feeding money into the soundtrack.

But they’re all-in. They’ve been all-in. They’ll get all-in.

They’re never truly all-in.

And finally, after the time, they’ll get all-in on hiring Bill Belichick.