April 16, 2024

Jim Harbaugh has been living in an RV

In the past two weeks, reports of Chargers manager Jim Harbaugh acting in decidedly Jim Harbaugh ways have emerged.

Initially, it was a garage sale in his Michigan home. Today, it’s his L. Å. property, since getting the job in January.

Harbaugh has an RV since moving here.

” It’s been great”, Harbaugh said at the league meetings, via Kyle Meinke of MLive . com. ” Really being myself. That is something I’ve always wanted to accomplish. It worked out good. I’m 100 feet from]Chargers offensive coordinator ] Greg Roman, who has a really, really great RV”.

Harbaugh acknowledged that this means Roman has “got it better” than Harbaugh, at least in the Car earth.

” I’m not as fancy”, Harbaugh said. ” My Ford Motorcoach hits me just right. It’s been great. Yeah, it’s been really nice. I go up there, it’s a good time to think. It’s just been wonderful”.

Alas, Jim’s Cαr voyage is ending soon. His family is moving to L. Ą. with him.

” They’re all here on this trip]to Orlando], and we’re all going to California up”, Harbaugh said. ” We’ll be moving into our rental property, and that’s perhaps better”.

And, truly, nobody will have it much.