May 21, 2024

Joe Biden Is Selling Out Israel to the Antisemitic Mob

Even as President Joe Biden was delivering his perfunctory Holocaust Remembrance speech earlier this week, decrying the “ferocious surge” in antisemitism on school campuses and prattling on about how he would always remember the Oct. 7 assault—which noticed properly over 1,200 Israelis murdered, raped, and/or kidnapped—the president was planning to cease the Jewish state from destroying modern-day Nazis.

On Wednesday, Biden instructed CNN’s Erin Burnett that if Israel invades the metropolis of Rafah in Gaza— the place remaining battalions of Hamas terrorists are holed up behind civilians—the U.S. would cease supplying Israel with offensive and precision weapons.

This is a historic second, as it’s certainly the first time a president has offered out a stalwart U.S. ally to save a terrorist group.

Not simply any terror group, however one which murdered, sexually tortured, and/or kidnapped American residents, and nonetheless holds some hostage. Biden has sacrificed them to the mobs of Columbia University and Dearborn, Michigan, and The Washington Post editorial board.

Biden may have given Israel this ultimatum privately. But he went on TV to do it exactly as a result of it’s meant for the ears of Israel haters.

You might recall, solely a few weeks in the past Democrats insisted on attaching Israeli support to Ukrainian support as a way of garnering the votes to move a overseas help invoice. Biden is now pausing the congressionally authorised supply of weapons to one ally to bolster his home election prospects by interesting to campus radicals and antisemitic enclaves.

In 2019, then-President Donald Trump was impeached for “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” for merely threatening Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on a cellphone name with the similar habits.

This is much worse. Not solely is Israel a longtime ally, it’s also, in each approach conceivable, a greater “democracy” than Ukraine.

It shouldn’t be misplaced on anybody that Biden is just incentivizing extra demonstrations and violence from the communists, Islamists, and well-funded Hamas cosplayers. The subsequent time a Jewish child is accosted on campus, Biden can take some credit score.

Then once more, the president’s donors are additionally the patrons of those America-hating revolutionaries. And they’ve, by any measure, succeeded.

Biden can be prepared to sacrifice the remaining American hostages to placate the mob. If Israel submits to the president’s calls for, it is going to have been stripped of any leverage in hostage negotiations. Why would a terror group hand again any Jews, figuring out that the Israelis are being leashed by the United States? All they’d to do was wait it out.

It is sort of certainly the case that Biden’s feckless, unprincipled nature allowed him to be cowed by the pro-Iranian Obamites who now infest the American authorities and establishments. We discovered Monday that Rob Malley, a person who introduced Iranian belongings into the United States authorities, was suspended for allegedly sending categorised paperwork to his private e mail account and downloading them to his private cellphone. Weird, proper?

Yet, not even former President Barack Obama, who had been chummy with black supremacists and different antisemites for many years earlier than reaching the White House, lower off support to Israel. Democrats proceed to lurch towards the onerous left.

And the place are the Jewish Democrats decrying this growth? Probably blaming their straw man, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom they body as some type of warmongering fascist.

In actuality, the unity authorities battle council of Israel contains the opposition chief. Netanyahu has much less energy to act unilaterally than the American president. There isn’t any accountable authorities in Israel, a lot much less the world, that will allow Hamas to skate.

Well, maybe the one run by the one who opposed the bin Laden operation.

In the finish, Biden has additionally extended the struggling of Palestinians. Hamas knew there can be retribution after Oct 7. They knew 1000’s of Arab civilians would die, as a result of they search as many martyrs and as a lot struggling as potential.

Biden solely prolonged that actuality by permitting Islamists to maintain energy. Rather than planning for a post-Hamas Gaza and Israel-Saudi normalization, Biden is selecting to save Iranian proxies in the area.

Democrats like to argue that Israel shouldn’t be given a “blank check,” which means that the Jewish state is indiscriminately killing individuals with none legit plan or aim. There isn’t any clean verify. Israel’s mission is properly outlined.

Biden is micromanaging the navy operations of an ally and limiting classes of weapons to cease Israel from eliminating Hamas—designated a overseas terrorist group by the U.S. State Department.

It is scandalous and corrupt.


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