May 21, 2024

Judge In Trump Trial Likely Committed ‘Reversible Error’


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A renowned legitimate professional says he can repair the hush money case that former president Donald Trump presided over in Manhattan, but the judge is likely already guilty of an “error. “

Jonathan Turley, a Georgetown University law professor and source to Fox News, suggested that New York Judge Juan Merchan may have made a mistake by allowing the team of lawyers led by former Biden administration official Michael Colangelo to claim that Trump had broken national election laws.

On behalf of Trump, Bragg charged him with febrilating company records involving payments to adult movie star Stormy Daniels and Playboy friend Karen McDougal on April 15, 2023.

Trump then reimbursed his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, through a series of bills made throughout 2017. These bills totaled$ 420, 000 and included extra expenses, a reward, and funds to cover fees. The Trump Organization was used to make these payments, according to the prosecution, and were later mislabeled as lawful bills.

However, Turley claimed that the way those payments have been so much described to the jury is fabricated.


” I got to tell you, I think this determine may have already committed removable problem”, Turley told” Fox and Friends” carbon- host Ainsley Earhardt on Tuesday. The jury has been consistently informed that there are national election crimes around, strongly suggesting that the transaction to Stormy Daniels did offend federal election laws, but he could try to alter it or change it according to his instructions. That’s just not real”.

Turley even previewed testimony from Cohen, who is expected to be a star witness for the prosecution, earlier in the category.

According to Turley,” Michael Cohen is actually going to ask that judge, Please give my client to jail for following my lawful advice. ” ” All of the things that they are talking about, he set up, he structured this and told his buyer that,’ we could do this. ‘”

” It’s a crazy time”, Turley added.


A report earlier this month predicted that Cohen will be a concern for Bragg’s lawyers. The DA’s office is wrestling with efforts to stop Cohen from exposing his guilt in the case, as well as unsettling evidence that, according to Newsweek, challenges his innocence.

Former federal prosecutor Michael McAuliffe told the shop,” Michael Cohen is a complete disaster as a witness for the prosecution in the current state scam trial. “

Cohen has dominated the test that has been taking place in Manhattan Criminal Court, according to Cohen. Trump was fined$ 9, 000 for breaking his gag order, which forbids him from attacking any “foreseeable witnesses” and jury after Cohen and Daniels were railed against outside the courtroom, according to the store.

Cohen, who has since split with his previous boss, has remained open to the event despite being scheduled to testify in the case. Just recently, Cohen used X, formerly Twitter, to address Trump as” Von Shitz InPantz”, asserting that “your attacks on me stink of desperation”.

Cohen’s weekly streams on TikTok, where he makes remarks like” Trump 2024,” have further explored Trump and the trial. More like Trump 20- 24 times”. Cohen is officially profiting from these broad live streams, according to ABC.

According to McAuliffe, Cohen’s previous statements about Trump and his “often crazy publicity stunts” render the previous fixer-barriere attorney “less and less valuable as a source of reliable evidence. “

He makes it much less likely to be a Trump killer, McAuliffe said, “because he keeps puffing up his expected part as one. “


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