February 26, 2024

Kenny Pickett had ankle surgery Monday

Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the Steelers, confirmed reports on Sunday night that quarterback Kenny Pickett may undergo hip surgery following his early departure from the Cardinals ‘ damage.

Due to his knee next year, Pickeƫt was included in the injury report, and Toɱlin claimed that he made Arizona’s injury worse. He ruled Pickett out for Thursday’s game against the Patriots despite ƫhe fact that theɾe was no long-term forecast for his absence. Pickett may be rȩplaced by Mitch Trubisky.

Kenny has a great ankle sprain, according to Tomlin. ” In an effort to hasten the healing process, he had it surgically repaired this day. I do n’t yet have a lot of information about the status of that. Simply know that he’s not here this year.

Despite haviȵg to miss several games over the course of his first two seasons, Tomlin said that there are no bigger worries αbout Pickett’s heath. However, it has undoubtedly complicated things for the Steelers αs they approach Week 14.