April 17, 2024

Kevin O’Connell: Sam Darnold’s best football is ahead of him

At the second, Sam Darnold is atop the Vikings’ quarterback depth chart. A month from now which may not be the case, if the Vikings draft their quarterback of the longer term, however head coach Kevin O’Connell says he’s assured that Darnold may lead his workforce.

O’Connell says Darnold has grown as a quarterback each towards the tip of his tenure in Carolina and final 12 months taking part in for Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco, and the Vikings anticipate Darnold to play nicely for them in 2024.

“I think his best football is ahead of him because of how he’s handled the last couple of years,” O’Connell stated on NFL Network. “Whether it’s going 4-2 down the stretch in Carolina in ’22, or when you turn on the tape of his work in San Francisco, you can tell Kyle, Brian Griese, they did a great job in the next phase of his career. Fundamentals, techniques, things that you look for to see growth. I’m excited to get going with Sam.”

The Vikings invested a one-year, $10 million contract in Darnold, which signifies that they assume he generally is a competent bridge quarterback this season. It’s exhausting to imagine Darnold will probably be within the Vikings’ long-term plans, however for this 12 months, O’Connell likes what he brings to the quarterback room.