February 20, 2024

Kirk Cousins on free agency: Let’s just see what happens

As Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson nears the end of his rookie deal, he stopped by the PFT Live set on Wednesday to talk with the staff about his prospect. On Friday, quarterback Kirk Cousins did the same.

Cousins is on record for free agency this March while Jefferson is under contract for 2024. He must either mark a new lease before the start of the group year or go on the open market because his contract forbade the team from using the franchise tag.

Before Cousins tore his Achilles, both participants expressed a desire to continue assembling what felt like an “ascending staff. ” However, Osborn noted that those choices are out of their hands.

Cousins remarked,” That’s kind of our attitude. ” Between September and February, there is a bit of work to be done. Now that February and March have arrived, we sort of are quiet. We hired an agent, and now that the group has a responsibility, let’s see what transpires.

Cousins stated that he considers himself to be a “much better player at 36″ due to how much his mental game has improved over the course of his career. He also expressed the desire to play” some more years” in order to emulate players like Tom Brady and Drew Brees. The location where he will perform will be one of the major plotlines for the winter.