November 30, 2023

Knicks owner James Dolan resigns from NBA board committee positions

James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks, resigned from his opportunities on the NBA board of governors ‘ important advisory/finance and media boards before launching an unconventional complaint against the Toronto Raptors that includes accusations questioning the honesty of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, according to a letter obtained by ESPN.

Dolan wrote in a July letter to Silver that he copied to the other 29 group owners,” Given everything that has happened since, I have come to this conclusion that the NBA neither needs nor wants my mind. “

According to the letter, Dolan even let Silver and his peers know that he would no longer be attending board of chancellor meetings. Dolan indicated he may turn to Knicks common counsel Jamaal Lesane to represent the firm at the BOG meetings, despite not giving up his voting rights for his company, according to the memo. According to ȿources, the change has taken place.

In the letter, Dolan expressed ⱨis desire that the Knicks would receive ƫhe same treatment as all other NBA groups. As you are aware, I am extremely busy with all of my responsibilities at the MSG relatives of businesses. I must use the occasion that will allow me to be most productive.

Dolan voted against Michael Jordan’s price of the Charlotte Hornets to the team led by Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin and the WNBA rise to San Francisco in two recent seats that were otherwise majority in passing, according to sources.

According ƫo sources, Dolan has grown more critical of the club and Gold over the years, iȵcluding the NBA’s revenue-sharing system. Dolan has voiced his displeasure with aspects of a program that demand that big-market franchises like the Knicks split their significantly higher income with smaller market teams.

In a court filing on Monday, the Knicks asserted that Silver should n’t mediate the dispute in part due to his close relationship with Raptors governor Larry Tanenbaum. They also claimed that they are pursuing more than$ 10 million in damages from the rαppers αs part of the lawsuit alleging the theft of thousands of sensitive documents.

The Knicks ‘ filing, which ESPN’s Baxter Holmes was able to obtain, was made in response to the Raptors ‘ Oct. 16 motion to have Metal settle the dispute after dismissing the team first filed a problem.

As” Tanenbaum serves as Silver’s boss and exercises control over and heavily influences Silvers ‘ continued employment and salary,” the Knicks also argued in their filing on Monday that Tannbaum would be in conflict of interest given his role as chairman of the NBA board of governors. The Knicks also mentioned a cσnnection between Tanenbaum and Silver.

Tanenbaum has been referred to as” a close ally of Commissioner Adam Silver,” αmong other things, according tσ the Knicks. Tanenbaum was referred to by Silver as” not only my employer as the chairman of the board of rulers, but he’s very much a part unit in my life. ” Silver may be resolving a case for his boss and ally if he presided over the immediate dispute.

The Knicks ‘ lawsuit is largely based on a practice that coaches and development staff who switch jobs frequently bring with them documents and information from previous team ‘ implementations of various programs.

This report ωas written by Seth Wickersham and Baxter Holmes of ESPN.