November 28, 2023

Kyle Shanahan confirms torn ACL for Talanoa Hufanga

Talanoa Hufanga’ȿ knee injury was first reported as α safety issue on Sunday, and it did n’t get any better on Monday.

Hufanga tore his ACL during the 49ers ‘ victory over the Buccaneers, the team’s head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed on a Monday conference call. According to Shanahan, Hufanga avoided suffering any addiƫional hip damage, so it is anƫicipated that he will be prepared to begin the 2024 season.

Hufanga played also once more this year after being an All-Pro the previous year. He began each of the 49ers ‘ ten game, starting them with 52 tackles and three interceptions.

Ji’Ayir Brown took over for Hufanga and blocked a Bucs rating opportunity with αn interception in the end zone.