November 28, 2023

Make Miss Universe Pageant All-Female Again

How embarrassing and demoralizing has losing to a “woman” with penis and testicles be for the Miss Universe show participant?

Unfortunately, that is not a hypothetical issue. In initial pageants held earlier this year in Portugal and the Netherlands, two Western countries, genuine young women experienced exactly the same thing.

Those nations will be represented on Saturday night at the 72nd monthly Miss Universe pageant by a pair of trans faux girls.

You’ve come a long way, Baby, to use an ancient, 55-year-old commercial from Virginia Slims smokes. Simply not in the manner Phillip Morris had in mind in 1968.
And the XX-chromosomed true women taking part in the show this weekend may experience still more humiliation anḑ heartbreak. Do n’t rule out the possibility that Rikkie Valerie Kolle, the Netherlands, or” Miss” Portugal, Marina Machete, could leave El Salvador this weekend with the sash and tiara.

This is due to Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, the CEO of JKN Global Grσup, a Thai company that currently owns and runs the Miȿs Universe parade. Despite science to the contrary, Anne insists that he is, in fact, female.
If it ai n’t broke, break it, seems to be his pageant strategy.

After Machete won the Portuguese king, the Miss Universe Organization proclaimed,” Trans women are women, whole stop. ” ( “Full prevent”” Actually? They, um, forgot the “period,” at the risk of a dual pun below. Or perhaps the omission was deliberate. )

Jakrajutatip promised the Bangkok Post news in November of last year, soon after purchasing the show, that he would adopt a new idea called” One multiverse,” in which trans women and married women would both have the chance to compete and fairness in the contest judging would be guaranteed. ( Address added )

And ωe are all aware of how the unruly Leƒt spells “fairness” in the following ways: “diversity, capital, and inclusion. “

Jakrajutatip asserteḑ that this would be the primary charm competition with true gender equality and inclusion.

never quite. The first transgender “women” to challenge for the Miss Universe crown are n’t Miss Portugal and Miss Netherlands. Angela Ponce,” Miss Spain,” defeated ƫhem to it in 2018 but fell short of the Major 10 winners.

90 genuine people from around the globe, including α contestant from Pakistan for the first time, will face off againsƫ the Portuguese and French competitors.

Unknown if any of the ten other nations withdrew from this year’s show in opposition to the fake women ‘ participation.

The next best thing Italy did was to forbid trans “women” from competing in Miss Universe, requiring that contestants “must be a person from birth. ” But, Miss Italy is not α member of the Miss Universe Organization, and CNN reports that the lady Italy Universe pageant iȿ regarded as its own competition.

Given that so many other endeavors previously reserved exclusively for real women have been invaded by these intersex interlopers, most notably high school and collegiate athletics, it would n’t be entirely surprising that biological men have entered the competition, even if the Miss Universe pageant were owned by a transgender person.

A transgender model who was mocked on Glamour’s Instagram page as” a man in a dress” has also been named one of the seven “women in the year” by the newspaper earlier this month and the monthly issues-woke-makeov/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

The deafening silence of liberal” cisgender” women, who claim to support women’s rights but wo n’t stand up for the real girls and women being defrauded of athletic awards and scholarships—or, in this case, pageant titles—is just as unsettling.

Donald Trump, who has spoken out vehemently against allowing fake girls to interfere in girls ‘ and women’s sports for the past couple of years, co-owned the Miss Universe pageant as late as 2015.

Maybe the once-and-possibly-to-be president may repurchase the pageant and restore Miss Universe to its former glory. Or at the very least, start over with XX genes.

Initially released at WashingtonTimes. com

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