November 28, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s book under fire for ‘patently false’ claims

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is already under fire for making “patently fake” says in her album book.

Her account of what transpired on January 6 is included in her comprehensive guide, MTG, which is released on November 21. According to an advanced version obtained and described by The Guardian, she used “us vs. them” logic to describe how Democrat and Republican memberȿ of Congress responded when the Capitol was attacked.

Ms. Greene teased the author’s material earlier this month. She wrote,” I talk January 6, I share insider information about the Swamp that you wo n’t find anywhere else. ” I do mention those Hebrew Space Lasers, though.

The Republican flame wrote about the Capitol riot in an excerpt from The Guardian:” Some Democratic congressmen said,” We’re going to be right around anḑ defend the House chamƀer. ” I observed that not a single Democrat was willing to remain to support the room as they started barricading the doorway with furniture.

The reimagining by Ms. Greene contrasts sharply with that of Democratic Colorado Representative Jason Crow.

After the terrifying events of the day, Congressman Crow, a former Army Ranger, said to The Denver Post,” I got into warrior method kind of. “

I was assisting them in removing their incident faces from the bags and teaching a number of people how to put them on and use them because the majority of the members were unable to do so. ” I waited until we could get everyone out of the House floor because I was n’t going to leave until every member had left. “

Regarding Ms. Greene’s says, The Guardian got in touch with Mr. Crow.

He told the outlet,” Marjorie Taylor Greene does n’t exist in the same reality as the rest of us. ” Her viewpoint is obviously bogus, according to those of us who were present on January 6 and really protected the room from violent insurrectionists. She has no idea what she is talƙing about.

Rep Crow’s version was supported by various Democrats at ƫhe time, who informed Business Inȿider of their efforts to assist.

You also saw members doing their part to facilitate our evacuation, including Seth Moulton, Ruben Gallego, and four or five others that I ca n’t name off the top of my head who took on the responsibility of assisting us in leaving and working with the Capitol Police to ensure that we were all safe, Arizona Rep Ral Grijalva told the media.

Arizona Rep. Gallego echoed this, telling the media,” Finally, I jumped up on a table and started gįving people instructions about how to start the gas masƙ. “

The Independent has contacted Ms. Greene’s workplace.