June 22, 2024

Mexico’s National Guard Shot at Political Candidates, Says Opposition Party

According to the Institutional Revolutionary Party ( PRI), two female political candidates were shot at by a convoy of Mexican National Guard soldiers in the state of Jalisco.

A small city in the north of Manzanillo’s well-known beach region, Villa Purificacion, was the victim of the incident this week in the mountainous region of Jalisco. The PRI claimed that two candidates for capital committee were riding in a car with three other people when the government vehicles pulled up behind them and started shooting while the federal government of Mexico has not provided any details about the case. The people allegedly pulled over because they were energised.

The National Guardsman’s gunshot wounds severely injured the driver of the car, who was then taken to a nearby doctor. The various passengers in the vehicle had no injuries. They also were hardly arrested or detained, the PRI revealed.

In the aftermath, the PRI is asking for an inspection from the federal and state governments. Additionally, the group wants to protect its political individuals.

According to Breitbart Texas, lots of individuals or political workers have been shot or killed in Mexico during this election year, which has been bloody. Mexico is anticipated to keep a number of other local and state elections this summer in addition to the highly contested presidential election. The party that was established by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is largely divided into two camps, one of which is winning the election, an alliance of the three main older parties, including PRI, PAN ( National Action Party ), and PRD ( Revolutionary Democratic Party ). The three major opposition parties have different political ideologies, but they have united to fight the Morena Party.

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