November 30, 2023

Michigan receiver Roman Wilson wears “Free Harbaugh” T-shirt during pregame warmups

He’s gone, but not forgotten ( for game day ).

Jim Harbaugh, the head instructor of Michigan, has been suspended for this wȩek’s and the week after that. However, during Maryland’s pre-game warmups, Micⱨigan device Roman Wilson was sporting a” Free Harbaugh” T-shirt.

The rebellion is perplexing. Harbaugh agreed to ƀe suspended. Michigan gave up on its complaint. ( Michigan actually made an effort to give the impression that the case was resolved. )

Everything is available to completely. Harbaugh accepted the penalty. Good if they had lost a hearing on Friday and Harbaugh had vowed to appeal to the nation’s highest court.

However, that is not the situation. No one is available to completely. It’s finished.

Howeveɾ, if the Wolverines may find motivation in the idea that they were somehow duped, then so be it. If the man who was vowing to thunder away in the courtroom like Tom Cruise had n’t packed up his bag and left like Kevin Pollack, this story would be much simpler to push.